Friday 22 October 2021

Drinking Custard: Diary of a Confused Mum, Lucy Beaumont

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This post is part of the blog tour for the book. Thank you to Monoray and Random Things Tours for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Beaumont’s amusing memoir of deciding to have a baby, pregnancy, and early motherhood will have you laughing out loud and sympathising with the challenges of parenthood. Written in a relaxed, honest style, with the content taken from her diaries, you see how her feelings about parenting change from day to day, and feel the exhaustion and joy that comes with raising a small human.

The introduction felt a bit much, with an excess of exclamation marks and a writing style I wasn’t sure I’d get on with, but as you get into the bulk of the book you see Beaumont’s personality shine through, and enjoy the candid approach. Her list of reasons for wanting a child are largely influenced by adverts showing an idyllic version of parenthood which trick her into thinking white shirts and carpets mix well with babies, and that a preference for going to bed early will put her in good stead. She also talks about deciding she wants a baby but knowing it would be best if her husband, Jon, thinks it was his idea. 

Naturally, things don’t go to plan, starting with the birth. Her daughter Elsie turns out not to be a good sleeper and cries when not held. This leads to her pounding the streets with a pram, unable to stop for a moment for fear of the shrieking that will ensue. She begins to realise all those beautiful, happy families you see probably aren’t out for a peaceful stroll after all, but are instead forced to walk endlessly to keep their little angel happy.

She talks about the trials and tribulations of trying to find the right playgroup for them, and her desire to fit in with the other mums. She’s also very honest about the contradictions of motherhood - the lack of a sense of self and need to go out into the world as an adult, and yet the crushing difficulty of leaving Elsie at school for the day.

This is an insightful, funny book that will have parents nodding in recognition, and give those thinking about having a baby a small taste of the realities of it. A great book with a big personality.


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  2. This sounds like the perfect book to give as a gift to new parents! Thanks for sharing.